In [[Selling the wheel]] Attracting a ''//Closer//'' is one of the different sales strategies a company can deploy. This sales strategy works best in the [[Birth]] phase of the [[Maturity phases in a product's life cycle]].

!The closer
|''Character''|High energy, Extrovert, Charming but also manipulative, Willing to do whatever it takes to close the sale, whenever, wherever, Lifestyle very upscale, owns all the cool tools|
|''Major drives''|A big time need to succeed. Too much money is almost enough. But also in some, a genuine desire to change the world for the better|
|''Important skills''|Qualifying, Presenting, Resolving objections, Closing. Be able to build a "dream" picture of the results of purchasing|
|''Ideal company to image''|Avant-Garde. Pioneering, Progressive, The next wave, Polished, Having the potential for megasuccesses|
|''To generate sales leads''|Demonstrate the technology. Show the potential. Get a PR firm to create events for youe. Make lots and lots of cold calls to get yourself in the door|
|''Qualifying customers''|Aim towards the chief decision maker. Someone who does not have to ask permission to authorize the sale.|
|!Getting the sale|||
|''Sales Presentation''|Entertaining, Exciting, Sometimes even dramatic|
|''Typical Objections''|"Should i spend so much money on something new?" Is this really getting the performance promised?" Do i really need this gizmo at all?"|
|''Resolve by''|Showing that the technology really works. Sell the dream, skim past the details|
|''Closing''|Ask for the sale immediately after the presentation. Offer a limited time for acceptance. Give "permission" to buy. Overall, inject a strong emotional push to people on the fence: either fear or desire|
|''Great service means''|A refund in the event of a major problem. Usually the customer is self reliant with respect to applying the technology so service is not a determining factor for success|
|''Key to repeat business''|Often, there is no repeat business with the same customer|
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Selling the wheel