In [[Selling the wheel]] Attracting a ''//Relationship Builder//'' is one of the different sales strategies a company can deploy. This sales strategy works best in the [[Incremental Growth]] phase of the [[Maturity phases in a product's life cycle]].

!The Relationship Builder
|''Character''|Solid Citizin, fun loving, likable. Hardworking. Good marriage, civic minded. Optimistic but also pragmatic. Lifestyle is upscale but not extravagant|
|''Major drives''|Likes the entrepreneurial spirit of sales, but needs the security and sense of belonging of an organisation. Prefers sales to management|
|''Important skills''|Resolving objections. Closing. Developing good relations. Building repeat business. Have an inner sense that the customer always comes first|
|''Ideal company to image''|Tried and true. Years of experience. Established but up to date. Champion of today's standard|
|''To generate sales leads''|Offers a free service. Use social networking to meet new prospects|
|''Qualifying customers''|The [[Wizard]] looks for prospects. The builder seeks accounts. Your goal is to identify the best customers, the one who are going to give you repeat business.|
|!Getting the sale|||
|''Sales Presentation''|Might take place on the golf course or in a restaurant. Emphasize a superior delivery of the familiar not the new. Show that you offer a better implementation of a standard solution|
|''Typical Objections''|Tend to resolve around issues brought up by the customers in-house experts such as "Can you meet our special specifications and delivery requirements?" Price is an issue but not the most important one.|
|''Resolve by''|Supporting and working with in house experts. Be an ally not an enemy. Make adjustments to satisfy special needs.|
|''Closing''|Be there pronto when the customer needs you. Often a handshake is all that is required to seal the deal|
|''Great service means''|No hassles. Fast delivery. Prompt exchange or money refund if the customer is dissatisfied. Policies empowering people to work with the customer to bend the rules to make a difference|
|''Key to repeat business''|Consistent quality and a low price. Do everything possible not to lose customers once you have them. Keep the buying experience pleasant, easy and problem free. Try to make buying fun. Deliver friendly service|
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Selling the wheel