In [[Selling the wheel]] hiring a ''//Wizard//'' is one of the different sales strategies a company can deploy. This sales strategy works best in the [[Fast Growth]] phase of the [[Maturity phases in a product's life cycle]].

!The Wizard
|''Character''|Confident, "Buttoned down. Both a team player and a team leader. Professional demeanor and attire. Enjoys the challenge of creating unique solutions for customers. Thrives on managing complexity|
|''Major drives''|Sees sales as a stepping stone to a managing position|
|''Important skills''|Needs to have good organization and communication skills. Needs to be highly skilled in resolving objections|
|''Ideal company to image''|Smart, Progressive, Superior, Advanced technology, A team of experts to support you; the customer. Offering customer systems much better than the current standard|
|''To generate sales leads''|Offer free knowledge Write articles for professional journals. Mail reprints to prospects. Publicize technical accomplishments. Do speaking engagements. Do problem-solution style advertising|
|''Qualifying customers''|You are often going to be dealing at multiple levels at the customers organization. You need the right contacts at each level. Where you are starts depends upon what you are selling|
|''Sales Presentation''|Tend to be formal, sit down. Conference room affairs. Good audio visual aids and literature are a must!|
|''Typical Objections''|Does the benefit outweigh the cost and headaches of making a radical change? Is this design really the best solution?|
|''Resolve by''|Showing a realistic timetable for completion. Present data to demonstrate that the pain is worth the gain|
|''Closing''|Suggest a starting date. Send a letter of agreement. Recommend a smaller scale pilot to test performance and results|
|''Great service means''|Total support. Doing whatever is necessary to provide results as promised. Taking measures to minimize disruptions to the customers operations|
|''Key to repeat business''|Due to the maturity state of the technology, often leads to a repeat sale. Suggest improvements that may lead to add-on sales. Forge good working relationhips and look for new projects you can competently execute|
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